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Below are links to some informative articles that have been published in the Rancho Los Amigos Post-Polio Support Group newsletter. These articles will open in a PDF file for personal use. 

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Assisted Breathing and Oxygen articles from Rancho Los Amigos Post-Polio Support Group newsletters: Compilation of Articles

My Polio Story  -  April - May - June 2019
by Sandy Tackett

My Polio Story  -  January  -  February 2019
by James “Jim” Morgenstern

Polio Epidemics in Manitoba, Canada  -  October / December 2018

Nightmare  -  August / September 2018

Post-Polio Pain, a Review  -  June 2018
by Richard Daggett

Archived Newspaper Articles  -  April 2018

A Review of Polio and Post-Polio  -  February 2018
by Mary Atwood and Richard Daggett

My Bout with Polio  -  October 2017
by Hal Hichborn

Taking Another Detour  -  August 2017
by Richard Daggett

A Lasting Legacy  -  June 2017
by Terry Wiens

Pain  -  A Multi-Discipline Approach  -  May 2017

Report on December 2016 Meeting  -  February 2017

Looking Back & Holiday Flyer  -  December 2016

Jose Cedeno  -  October 2016

My Third Child  -  August 2016
Support that goes beyond just words, by Rebecca Coyne

"The Switch"  -  June 2016
Polio vaccine changes and other vaccine news

I'm Not Giving Up  -  April 2016
The story of Emma Eivers, polio survivor, updated 2016

Polio Above the Neck  -  February 2016
With Susan Perlman, MD

December 2015 Flyer  -  December 2015

Acute Polio and Post-Polio - A Review  -  October 2015
By Richard Daggett

What Helps Polio Survivors  -  August 2015
A Review of Medications and Therapies

Seven Years That Changed My Life for the Better  -  June 2015
By Michael Morrione
(including) I Run With What I Have, Reflection on Caregiving 
By Bonnie Hagy

Planning for the Future #1  -  February 2015
Aging in Place

Planning for Emergencies  -  December 2014
By Richard Daggett

Support Group benefits  -  October 2014

Taking a Detour  -  August 2014
By Richard Daggett

Will Insurance Provide a Power Wheelchair?  -  June 2014
With Donna Miyahara, OTR/L

Polio Revisited  -  April 2014
By Ben Patrick

Living with Polio  -  Part 2  -  February 2014
By Astrid Gallagher

Living with Polio  -  Part 1  -  October 2013
By Astrid Gallagher

Foreword to Not Just Polio and The 1st 24 Hours -  August 2013

Pursuing a Goal When You are Told "No!"  -  June 2013
With Donna Barras, MD

Dr. Jacquelin Perry - In Remembrance  -  April 2013

Exercise Guidelines
With Vance Eberly, MD  -  February 2013

New Rules for Pain Management
By Janet Bliss - October 2012

Research, Network, and Share  -  PPS Breathing Disorders
With Janet Whitworth - August 2012

Ask a Post-Polio Specialist #4
With Vance Eberly, MD and

More Answers to Questions
With Susan Perlman, MD - June 2012

Pain in Post-Polio Syndrome
With Susan Perlman, MD - April 2012

Basic Principles of Managing Post-Polio Syndrome
With Susan Perlman, MD - February 2012

Ask a Post-Polio Specialist #3
With Vance Eberly, MD - June, 2011

"A Special Olympian"  -  My Polio Story
By Luis Mata - April, 2011

Treating Polio - Now and in the Future
With Susan Perlman, MD - February, 2011

What Your Voice is Saying About You:  
Vocal Changes and the Late Effects of Polio
With Mary Spremulli - August, 2010

Braces, Wheelchairs, and Iron Lungs:
The Paralyzed Body and the Machinery
of Rehabilitation in the Polio Epidemics
By Daniel J. Wilson - June, 2010

Ask a Post-Polio Specialist #2
With Vance Eberly, MD - April, 2010

Effects of Assistive Technology on Functional Decline in People Aging With a Disability, and
Rest, Pacing, and Timing
By Grace R. Young, MA, OTR - February, 2010

Post-Polio: Now and the Future: A neurologic update for polio survivors.
With Susan Perlman. MD - October, 2009

Bracing in the 21st Century 
With David Porter, CPO and Randell Miller, CO - August, 2009

Ask a Post-Polio Specialist #1
With Vance Eberly, MD - June, 2009

Ask Dr. Perry - Revised
With Jacquelin Perry, M.D. - May 2006

Current Research in Post-Polio Syndrome, May 2005
With Susan L. Perlman, M.D. - January, 2006